Represented by Johnson Waters in
IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, SD, NE, and WI

“The perfect card given at the right time
is a priceless gift.”

Exceptional, creative greeting cards that
inspire others to reach out and make
meaningful connections with the special
people in their lives.

Each card is thoughtfully designed with
a unique combination of embellishments
and high quality materials to bring
art to life. Every card comes with it’s own
NIQUEA.D gold faux-wax envelope seal
and color coordinated envelope, most of
which have designed lining papers.

NIQUEA.D cards incorporate many
different art techniques and materials to
create their unique and impressive
*Layered laser cut paper
*Intricate and elegant embroidery
*Quilling; the art of rolling, coiling
and shaping small colored strips
of paper
*Textiles, trims, metals, wire, etc.
in handmade arrangements creating
dimensional looks
*Delicate layers of die-cut vellum
*Letterpress, hand-pressed, foil stamped
and embellished with gems and glitter
*Unique paintings, drawings and
and photographs

Commemorate special occasions with
the perfect expression of your thoughts
and feelings . . . with NIQUEA.D