Janey Lynn’s Designs

Represented by Johnson Waters in
IA, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, S.IL and WI

Highly effective and absorbent fabric make these
one of a kind towels and dishcloths your BEST “tool”
in the kitchen. The multi-purpose 100% cotton
chenille textiles are available in a wide variety of
sizes, colors and items.
Includes: Shaggies, Shrubbies, Shaggie Towels,
Shaggie Hand Towels, Shaggie Hotholders,
Shaggie Aprons, Mop-EZ and Odor Eaters,
Trivets and Braided Trivets
Spa Shrubbies, Shaggie Soap Sacs, Shower
Shaggies, and Body & Back Shrubbies.

Practical AND Profitable!