Classic Farmhouse Candles

Represented by Johnson Waters in:

Jar candles and wax melts that are
hand-poured in small batches.
Classic Farmhouse Candles feature
these three fragrance collections:

Organic Garden
Soy wax with beautiful dried herbs
and botanicals that offer a garden
of fragrances for all seasons.
Available in 5oz. & 12oz. jars, 2oz. melt
bars, and 16pc. tart melt boxes.

Three Layer
Beautiful color combinations in sweet &
spicy scents as well as florals and seasonal
favorites with urban farmhouse flair.
Available in star jar candles with holder,
4oz. cup wax melts, and 8oz. bag wax melts.

Classic Farmhouse
Delicious, fresh-baked scents &
mouth-watering fruits that include everyday
and holiday favorites. Fragrances that
transport you to Grandma’s kitchen.
Available in nostalgic 8oz. cast iron pans,
14oz. mason jar candles, 2oz. clear pack
wax melts, 2pc. melts/warmer gift packs,
3oz. cup cookie melts, and 3oz. ice cream melts.